Consultation Services

Dr. Edward Petrosky provides verbal consultation where he helps parents review documents and evaluations and advises them on their next steps for helping their child.  

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What type of consultation does Dr. Petrosky provide?
Dr. Petrosky provides verbal consultation in which he meets with parents, reviews documents such as IEP’s, testing the school district has completed, prior neuropsychological evaluations, etc., and answers questions about what the results mean, what recommendations he has regarding modifications to the IEP or in terms of services or supports the student needs, and what he believes parents’ “next steps” should be.
Who is this consultation for?

This consultation is for parents who may not want a full neuropsychological evaluation because they:

  • Already have information or data in hand (e.g. testing the school district has completed, a prior neuropsychological evaluation, an IEP, etc.) and just want some additional clarification and guidance.
  • Would like the opportunity to have a detailed Q and A session, such as to learn more about their child’s diagnosis, without having a full neuropsychological evaluation.

The consultation is also good as a follow up down the road for parents of children Dr. Petrosky has previously tested, but who do not need another full neuropsychological evaluation.

What are some things this consultation does NOT include?
This service does not come with any written document (e.g. report, letter), a formal diagnosis, or consultation with third parties, such as school districts. This service is exclusively a verbal conversation with parents. Dr. Petrosky only provides written documents, formal diagnoses, and consultation with third parties as part of a neuropsychological evaluation he performs.
6 students of all ages
Dr. Petrosky entered his profession because he enjoys helping people understand their problems, rise to life’s challenges, and realize their potential.